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Food review Hotel Bhallaleshwar

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Location: One of the most prominent places in Kalyan west is Hotel Ballaleshwar.  Locared in a busy area...

Specialization: They specialize in  misal pav which is loveable by locals everywhere in Mumbai.  They have their own caliber of presenting the kadhi is something which was not so popular in this area until they arrived.  

Misal paav - this simple dish would become so popular that we never had thought of.  And to gain the popularity, it requires lots of efforts from the outlets end to meet up the customer expectations.  They have options available to customize between less spice, medium spice and max balance the spice, they offer yogurt and gulab jamun along with misal...
Onion bhaji- One of the most popular dishes in Maharashtra is found in every corner of the state.  Their onion bhaji is served hot and crisp as chutney is something that you will love it with this can easily satisfy the belly of one...
Sol kadhi - The most authentic spice drink I have ever had in Maharashtra after they have a different way of prefer coconut over the taste differs and it is just for the best..

Staff: Mr Sachin here is a franchisee manager.  A young and energetic individual whom I met with has lots of plans on to boom up the business.

Positives: since it is just rightly established in the center of the area, it is bound to gather some more customers than expected.  However, they may have to soon think of expansion as the business will keep growing in the coming days as long as they sell these amazing misal eating...

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