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We will present you one of the most beautiful cities of Northern Greece: Naoussa - Imathia.
Here, the crystal clear waters, the heavenly nature and the delicious local products will make you relax and be enchanted in this city of 4 seasons! We apologize, but in the following video you will not watch sandy beaches and the Greek islands. It is built on the eastern slops of the imposing mountain range of Vermio and has stunning views towards the beautiful and rich plain of Thessaloniki. It has 32 thousand inhabitants, while it is 93 km away from Thessaloniki, 530 km from Athens and just 20 km from neighboring Veria, the capital of the prefecture.
It is probable that the Romans called the city New Augusta, and through the centuries we came to the name Naoussa. In 1955 it is characterized as a heroic city for the fight and sacrifices of the inhabitants during the period of the Greek revolution. In particular, when the Ottomans quelled the uprising with a holocaust of the city, women preferred to drop themselves and their children into the steep waters of the river, rather than surrendering to the hands of the Turks. Thus, th historic river of Naoussa associated to this sacrifice is called Arapitsa.
In autumn the area is dominated by a sea of ​​brown, orange and golden shades of falling leaves. During the winter everything is covered by the white veil of snow. While in spring and summer the pink and purple shades from the flowers of the cherry & peach trees and the rest of the trees and flowers dominate everywhere!

The city of Naoussa represents the rich architectural heritage of the area. Traditional alleys in the old neighborhoods, beautiful houses, warm atmosphere and stunning views, are all part of the incomparable charm of the city.
The romantic and colorful Naoussa offers a fantastic variety of sights and points of interest. Let's have a look at the most important:
- the Clock Tower next to the town hall
- The main square of the city
- The Municipal Park. It offers a wonderful view of the plain of Imathia that during some days it is extended up to Thessaloniki and the Thermaic Gulf. Relaxation, carefree sensation, art and harmony is what visitors experience in this destination of four seasons!
- 2 museums of interest are the Historical and Folklore Museum of Naoussa and the Museum of Wine and Vine.
- Stroll in the city, experientially discovering its old factories of the 19th century, the school of 1911, the churches and the paved path by the river that through waterfalls leads to Stumbanos, the monument of sacrifice
- A place of global interest, located just 2 km away from modern Naoussa. This is the ancient Mieza and the Sanctuary of the Nymphs. Here were found the ruins of the School of Aristotle, who, under the orders of King of Philip II of Macedonia taught Alexander the Great philosophy and everything that would make him a great leader. Nearby is found the impressive Macedonian Tomb of the Judgement with frescoes of impeccable Hellenistic art and the ancient Theater.
- The grove of Agios Nikolaos. a pan-Hellenic leisure and day trip center located 3 km outside the city. An earthly paradise in the heart of Imathia. Sixty beautiful acres that will make you love nature and its ornaments. Impressive thousand-year-old plane trees, streams and bridges, grass, ducks and geese, a lake with trout, restaurants, churches, paths and rejuvenation elements, can be easily reached every season of the year, in this rare agreement of sounds and colors.
Metamorphosis waterfalls and swimming lakes (vathres). Nature at its best views! Can you stand the cold water? Either yes or no, do not miss the chance to explore this blessed place and its history. Mountain Vermio is a green forested area with many trails ideal for hiking and cycling.
Above Naoussa there are two ski resorts, 3-5 Pigadia and Seli. It is one of the most modern ski resorts in Greece with complete facilities, and Pigadia is the only one that has an artificial snow system.
Naoussa is surrounded by orchards, producing peaches, apples, cherries and other fruits. Here are made the jams known throughout Greece, as well as the dry red wines with the variety "Xinomavro" with a protected designation of origin "Naoussa". Some of the best wineries in Greece are located here and are worth your visit. In the taverns of the city you will understand what high quality of food means at completely normal prices. Do not leave the city before trying some of its delicacies!
Every year Naoussa celebrates the traditional carnival, known throughout Greece. A tradition that continues from generation to generation. Janissaries and Boules, mystagogy, fun and Dionysian ecstasy
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