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Hotel Review Sanctuary Cap Cana Dominican Republic

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Max and I booked the Sanctuary Cap Cana on Chase Ultimate Rewards points on a great deal for our trip at the end of July. We were excited to check out this incredible, architectural wonder in Cap Cana.

Stay tuned for the end where we discuss our new COVID-19 Safety Rating -- a score that does not impact the overall rating, but is a standalone score.

Sanctuary Cap Cana is part of the Playa Resorts group, who manage a number of all-inclusive properties around the Caribbean. Overall, we enjoyed our experience there, thanks to a great upgrade from the hotel to the King & Queen Suite overlooking the water. The King & Queen Suite features a living room, bedroom, large bathroom and half bath, outdoor tub and massive patio with a small jacuzzi. We felt that regardless of the room you book, you can't really go wrong at Sanctuary - every room was unique and absolutely qualifies as "beach chic".

While many of the F&B outlets were closed during our stay due to COVID-19 occupancy lulls, we did get to try the steakhouse, fine-dining French option and our favorite, Blue Marlin. Sanctuary is one of the few resorts we have stayed at that do not charge extra for steak and lobster, so we took full advantage of the delicious lobster at Blue Marlin ;). We do wish they offered more outdoor dining options, particularly during COVID-19 as we tend to prefer outdoor seating any time we go on vacation. We look forward to returning when all the outlets open up to share more about the f&b experiences with you all.

The summer in the Caribbean is a beautiful time to be traveling, but do keep in mind, no matter where you go, it's very likely that you will encounter Sargassum seaweed. We experienced this quite a bit during our trip to Punta Cana and Sanctuary did a good job trying to clear it up. I will look forward to visiting in the winter and spring next time to avoid as much seaweed as possible.

The facilities are excellent: full spa, multiple STUNNING pools, incredible architecture and all the fixings of a 5-star resort. They have built a small "town" outside the lobby of the hotel that features shops, restaurants and sundries for guests of the hotel and of the other Cap Cana properties. Note that only some of the outlets are included in the all-inclusive.

Here's what you'll learn:
00:56 - Location
03:05 - Lobby & Check in
06:13 - Rooms
08:19 - Service
09:42 - Dining
11:43 - Facilities
12:31 - Style

Overall, we were impressed with the Sanctuary's design, elegance, delicious lobster and COVID-19 precautions. We felt incredible safe and loved how seriously staff took the current situation.

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So check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below! Have you been to the Dominican Republic or Cap Cana? What's your favorite hotel?


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