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January 6th 2021 Around Paphos Cyprus 4K

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January 6th Epiphany day. Epiphany Celebration is a Christian holiday and it illustrates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river and celebrates the revelation that Christ is incarnated both God and man.

In Cyprus, as in the Orthodox Church, people make a representation of the baptism of Jesus Christ by throwing a cross into the waters and many try to get it. The first who gets it, means he will be blessed for the year.

This year because of covid19 the tradition of throwing the holy cross in the sea for people to catch wasn't skipped.

POI(Point of Interests)
-Paphos Harbour area
-Paphos Castle
-Agapinoros Street

-Mouttalos village
-Old town shopping center of Paphos
- Delicious Souvla (Bonus at the end of video)

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