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Shanghai Tower shanghai shanghaitower

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Shanghai Tower is located in the core area of Lujiazui financial and trade zone in Pudong area, Shanghai, China. It is a super high-rise building integrating business, office, hotel, commercial, entertainment and sightseeing functions, with a total building height of 632 meters, 127 floors above ground and 5 floors below ground. The total construction area is 578,000 square meters, including 410,000 square meters above ground and 168,000 square meters below ground, with a base area of 30368 square meters and a greening rate of 33%. Shanghai Center is the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world.

Top of Shanghai Sightseeing Hall, located on the 118th floor of Shanghai Tower. Through the world's fastest elevator, you can ascend to the 546-meter-high observation deck and enjoy the unique experience of being on Top of Shanghai. You can have a 360-degree view of the city and the natural beauty of the ever-changing clouds and wind.

There are high and transparent sky lobbies 22nd, 37th, 52nd and 68th floors. You can change over the elevator in Zone 2-6 to reach the lobbies. In each sky lobby, due to the double curtain wall design, three sky gardens are planned to provide tenants a nice place for public communication and rest.

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