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The super cool and futuristic VIVO Concept Store in Shenzhen China

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Located in Shekou, one of the most vibrant areas of Shenzhen, the Vivo Concept store is a beautifully designed building with a unique shape and futuristic characteristics. This is the world's first Vivo Concept store, they said the design of the two story shop was inspired by a spaceship, and is a collision between fashion and technology.

In the second floor of the building you can find the Vivo lab, a very cool place to experience the Vivo technology, interacting with lights, phones, visual effects. This area of the stores is equipped with a special music area, game, and photo areas for people to enjoy and explore cutting edge technology. It is a new brand concept area that aims to inspire technological exploration; while giving people a place to discover, learn, have fun and take pictures. Unfortunately by the time of the making of this video, the Vivo lab was closed due to pandemic regulations, hopefully it will reopen soon.

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