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What we did in Weihai Shandong China travel vlog p 1 travel china

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Hola amigos! Welcome back another Chingona travels vlog! This is part one of my Weihai vlog here in China! This trip is exciting for a couple reasons, the most important one being that it’s the first time any of us have really been able to travel outside of our city (for the most part) since we all returned to China in March of this year — right before the borders to basically everywhere closed. We went back to working normally in June (after several months of online teaching) and have been working strange schedules and dealing with the struggles the virus has had a huge part in advancing (negatively) for our working situation. All that to say this holiday was much anticipated and very needed! We had such a blast the whole trip and I’m so grateful to have been able to have the downtime and fun!

Usually the actual traveling part is a dread we can’t wait to get past but this time it had been so long and we didn’t know when we’d be able to travel again! We were so excited to take the train and thoroughly enjoyed the ride to and from! I hope you guys enjoy coming along for the ride! In this vlog you’ll see us eating lots of yummy food, having beach time, exploring a mall, and trying our hand at hoops in an arcade! I’m incredibly grateful for this place and for the company thanks, friends, for watching and stay tuned for part 2 coming very soon! Also check out the links below to see more videos like this and to check out some of the other parts of my life through the other content I have on my channel.



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